We blend somatic psychotherapy with classical Chinese medicine focusing on the development of healthy habits and maintaining one´s own health. We can teach you how to take care of yourself, even if you have already tried to do so on your own and have failed to improve your well-being as you had hoped.

About Us

We join somatic psychotherapy and classical Chinese medicine to most benefit your well-being.

At Allthera therapeutic centre we provide care to clients with a wide range of psychic and psychosomatic difficulties.
We incorporate different therapeutic methods, primarily employing techniques from somatic psychotherapy and classical Chinese medicine. Faster relief and a more simple means of change rank among the benefits of the combined therapy.
Our domain is an area of psychosomatic disorders – issues resulting from stress, sudden life changes or relationship difficulties. Severe physical symptoms such as insomnia, chronic pain, digestion problems or chronic fatigue can occur in these situations. We also provide support in managing major transitions and in other situations when feelings and moods can become overwhelming.
Our goal is helping our clients overcome roadblocks on their paths in order to live a more meaningful and balanced life. In addition to individual therapy, we provide workshops designed to empower clients with insight and tools to enhance their health and well-being.


Managing Stress

Anxiety and chronic fear can arise when one suffers from intense stress, poor sleep, over or undereating, digestion problems or chronic pain, because they are worried the intolerable situation will never cease.

Rediscovering Happiness and Joy

When one has cause for melancholy and sadness, they may doubt the meaning of life and struggle to appreciate its joys and pleasures.

Fighting Fatigue

During serious fatigue, one can be exhausted by even basic tasks causing vulnerability to diseases.  Being rested and healthy can feel like a distant memory.

Relationship Support

When relationships become stressed, no longer provide joy and support and one feels mostly pressured and threatened, it can be reflected in one’s health, happiness and life satisfaction.

Living a meaningful life

When haunted by a feeling of dissatisfaction, one may feel they are living differently than they should, that what surrounds them is not their destiny, and that they are squandering their life.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint

When one needs to maintain strength or desires deeper understanding for the sake of their wellbeing, they seek to advance their personal development and self-care.

Our Team

Petr Knotek


Somatic psychotherapy, crisis consultancy, dreamwork and archetype psychotherapy techniques.


Gabriela Schwarzová


Classical Chinese medicine – acupuncture meridian stimulation and yanghenghfa = techniques of life cultivation, how to take care of oneself on life’s journey.

Gabriela Cabrnochová


Therapy and consultations for couples, families and children.

More about us

Petr Knotek

After graduating from the philosophical faculty of Charles University I taught psychology and philosophy at a high school in Prague. After I worked as a manager and managerial skills trainer for more than twenty years as well as a psychotherapist. In psychotherapy I work with concepts of biosynthesis (one somatic psychotherapy method) incorporating techniques of archetype psychotherapy and Buddhist meditation Vipassana which is dear to me. In addition to individual psychotherapy, I also teach various self-development and self-experiencing workshops in companies and organisations.  You can see more on my Linked-in profile.

Philosophy and books are my lifelong hobbies. I love the blues and all species of flora and fauna, especially cats and orchids.

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Gabriela Schwarzová

I graduated from the philosophical faculty of Charles University and worked in social services as a sociotherapist. After a transforming experience with burn-out syndrome I started working as a knowledge manager and a coach for the following twelve years and concurrently I studied traditional Chinese medicine. I became certified as an Acupuncture Practitioner at the First school of Chinese medicine under the supervision of The University of Chinese medicine in Tianjin after completing more than 3000 hours of study within four years.

My studies continued at Northern College of Acupuncture of York where I received a Master’s of Science in Advanced Oriental Medicine – Research and Practice. Chinese medicine is my love and destiny. I connect rigorous studies and personal Daoist practice in self-cultivation for the benefit of my clients. I practice Qigong and Yoga and I include Yangshengfa techniques in my life – the art of cultivating life which covers also dietetic precautions, harmonising life rhythms with rhythms of nature, harmonising emotions and relationships for the purpose of understanding one´s own destiny and walking the path of destiny step by step. I love wild nature, walking in the countryside, books, inspiring debates about philosophy and spirituality, evenings by the fire and good dark beer.

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Gabriela Cabrnochová

Therapy for couples, families and children lies in the focus of my personal interest. I do Master in Applied psychotherapy at Palackého University in Olomouc. I´m an attendee of a five-year psychotherapeutic training in Integrated family therapy. I finished a number of trainings in counselling and a year-long special training in counselling for families.

My path to psychotherapy led through social and medial communication. I was a coach and trainer in business education, later I became to lecture preventive programs for kinds which drove me towards therapy for families, couples and children.

I like to spend time outdoors with my family and our dog Cipís. I feel especially well when wandering in Krkonoše, Tatra mountains in Slovakia or anywhere in Spain. Pleas don´t get confused when the colour of my hair changes rapidly in the time between our appointments, it happens quite often.

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Contact and Prices

Listed prices are valid from 1st September 2023″

Chinese medicine initial diagnostic consultation: 1600 Kč /90 min
Psychotherapy/Chinese medicine one-off payment: 1100 Kč /60 min

Discount for subscribers:
Subscription for five therapies: 1000 Kč / therapy = 5000 Kč

We welcome credit card payments!

Cancellation Policy: When using subscription if necessary it is possible to reschedule an appointment eight or more days prior to the scheduled appointment. In the case of last minute changes, the client will be charged 50% of the price (or 100% of the price in case of no show). Please request changes to reservations via phone or SMS addressed directly to your therapist. Thank you for understanding and honoring the scheduled appointments.

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E-mail: allthera.info@gmail.com

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